About Us

The Maheshwari are a clan that originated with the blessings of Lord Mahesh in Rajasthan. The community is relatively small in population but found throughout India. They are largely successful and courageous one to take up business challenges. The community is well known for it's business acumen in trading and finance.

mcircle Chennai-1 was inaugurated on 18th march 2012 by a young and dynamic group of maheshwari's of chennai. The association started with intention of bringing the young entrepreneurs of Maheshwari community together to connect them, to have fellowship and learn from each other for business success. Mutual growth and social connect in same culture has been proving as the Success Mantra of the association.

Objectives of the association are:

To develop fellowship and friendship through the medium of business, professional & cultural traditions.
To inculcate and strengthen bond within us and community.
To take up projects suitably for overall benefit of society.
To develop the extension of the association.