Regarding the Forum or community we have tried to answer some general queries hereunder. If your query still remains unanswered, please feel free to call or email us :-

Q1. Is there any Age Bar ?

Ans: Yes! A Person applying for membership will be qualified only if he is not less than 27 years or has not crossed 50 years of Age.

Q2. Is any special Talent / requirement necessary to apply for membership ?

Ans: As such Talents are always welcome, but to avoid people cultivating a habit of being mere spectators of growth, we wish our members to be friendly and proactive for networking and take part in various activities of the organisation.

Q3. Are there any charges to be a part of this initiative?

Ans: Yes! We take sincere efforts to get the best out of this community and it involves various activities and programs to be held on a regular basis which needs your contribution in all possible ways. Itís all about from the people, for the people. To know about charges and other details please follow this form here

Q4. Is attendance an issue of concern in this Forum?

Ans: To inspire others and to maintain a culture of growth, itís really necessary to attend programs organised by the forum. Hence a minimum of 60% attendance is made compulsory.